For five long years I was very fortunate to be Inky's drummer and art director. 

Inky is a rock quartet that emerged amidst São Paulo’s urban sprawl in 2011 and gained notoriety by opening LCD Soundsystem’s last show in Brazil, beside other accomplishments throught these years. 

At the end of 2011, INKY won the worldwide competition “Obsessed with Sound” by Philips in which 1400 bands participated worldwide. The prize was the recording of one of the band’s songs, “No One’s Town”, with the Metropole Orkestra in Amsterdam and have it produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones, Siouxie and the Banshees) and have it arranged by Martin Fondse.

Watch Inky ft. Metropole Orchestra: 


In 2013 we released our music video for the track Baiao. Made in form of a short film, it was awarded best Brazilian music video clip of the year according to the jury of the Music Video Festival formed by MTV, VH1 and MIS. Watch Inky's Baiao:

Primal Swag

On April 2014, Inky released our debut album, “Primal Swag”. The ten track compendium was recorded live at Red Bull Studio, produced by Rodrigo Coelho (grassmass) and mixed by legendary Russel Elevado. Primal Swag is one of my most significant works, as I was able to put my two biggest passions together in one single project: art direction and playing music. 

Amazing photography work done by Jonas Tucci: 




The idea for the visual identity of this album was to portrait naturality and spontaneuous expressions. The whole album was recorded the old fashioned way. All analog equipment together with live recording made Primal Swag an original and raw art piece. With that in mind, we went out on the streets looking for volunteers to be in Inky's first album cover. That's when we found Mr. José (man in the cover). The photoshoot lasted about 15 minutes with spontaneous scenario, model, light, and everything else. Here are some more pictures of the photoshoot: 



Listen to Primal Swag: